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Comment below with a sketch idea and I'll draw the first idea I like and post it when I'm done.  ^_^

(If you've gotten your idea chosen in the past you can't try again, sorry).
Comment below with a sketch idea and I'll draw the first idea I like and post it when I'm done.  ^_^

(If you've gotten your idea chosen in the past you can't try again, sorry).
Comment below with a sketch idea and I'll draw the first idea I like and post it when I'm done.  ^_^

(If you've gotten your idea chosen in the past you can't try again, sorry).
This used to be fun until I got lazy and stopped doing it.  Let's see what happens.  XD

Comment below with a sketch idea and I'll draw the first idea I like and post it when I'm done.

(If you've gotten your idea chosen in the past you can't try again, sorry).

I'll try to do this every week so you'll actually have something to look forward to on Mondays.  :3
I'm offering sketches for every donation of $5 or more to the relief efforts in the Philippines.  Shoot me an email at for more info.  ^_^
A video walkthrough!  Check it out!  :D…
First comment with an idea that I like gets drawn.

...aaaaaaaaaand GO.
First comment with an idea I like gets drawn.  READY SET GO

Idea has been picked! Stay tuned for the results.  :D
Wow. This new submission system is buggy as hell.  :/
Hurricane Sandy hit a friend of mine hard, and to help my fellow nerds have set up this fund to help him and his family get back on his feet:

I'm offering sketches to anyone who donates $5 or more to the cause.  You can either pay me and I'll send the moneys along or you can donate on your own.  For more details shoot me an email via

If you'd rather help in other ways I totally encourage you to do so, giving or supporting the hurricane victims any way you can.  ^_^
This used to be awesome. Let's see if it can be awesome again. :3

First idea that I like wins. :O

More info about Free Sketch Mondays HERE:…

Sketch idea's been picked!  Thanks for chipping in, stay tuned to see what it is!
I try to keep my political views to myself, but you also know that I can't keep quiet when something is really bugging me.  Recent statements and actions by certain companies (a youth organization and a restaurant in particular) have me pretty steamed.  Especially when they hide behind the term "Family Values."

Being gay never hurt anybody.  However hate and prejudice against someone based on their sexuality most certainly does hurt people. Judging someone solely by whom they choose to love is just as stupid as, oh say, judging someone on the color of their skin. And we're better than that.

Or are we...?

I might not be the best practicing Christian, but I do believe in the life and healing power of Jesus Christ and I absolutely will not believe that He's happy with the things that are being said and done in regards to homosexuals in His name.  It's these "Believers" that make me ashamed to be called one too.

So I've created this piece to do my part to help:

I'm offering this piece as a fundraiser, with proceeds going to the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD).

The print is $20 shipped anywhere in the world, with all profits going to GLAAD (the prints will be made-to-order, so please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery).   If you like the piece but aren't interested in the print, you can get a high-res digital file for a donation of $5 and I'll donate ALL of the proceeds from the high-res payments.  ^_^

If you're interested in donating, shoot me an email at

TFcon 2012 is coming up this weekend and if you're showing up I hope to see you there!  I'll be there all weekend sharing the nerd debauchery and drawing sketches and selling prints!  Check out the three new suckers you can pick up at my table!

:thumb316462981:  :thumb316462702:  :thumb316462506:

Also, be sure to pick up the show exclusive SHAFTER if you haven't preordered him already!  He's a stand-up little toy and his boxart is hard to beat!!!

I'll be attending TFCon 2012 in Toronto July 27 - 29!  I'll have a table in the dealer room selling prints and doing sketches, so if you're gonna be there it'll be great to see ya!  I'm planning to have at least one new print available at the con, and I think it's gonna be great since it's someone you guys have been asking to see from me for quite some time now.  ^_~  And for those of you who are planning to pick up this year's exclusive Shafter figure, the box will have art from yours truly!  This'll be my first trip back to Canada in over seven years, so I'm sure it'll be a blast!
BotCon 2012 in Dallas Texas has begun!  If you're not here already as a preregistrant, walk in starts tomorrow!  Check me out in the Exhibitor's Hall!

... I would've taken a picture with me in it, but you just want to see the art.  Or, you SHOULD just want to see the art.

And speaking of art, if you're gonna swing by the table be sure to pick up this year's new print!

Get it signed by the great Dan Gilvezan!  NOW!!!

See you in Texas!
So Mary applied to get an Artists Alley table at this year's Anime Weekend Atlanta and asked if I wanted to be her table buddy.  I don't really do the Anime thing anymore, but I have a lot of friends who go so it sounded like fun to just hang out so I was totally game.  They have a 50/50 fanart rule in effect, but since Mary doesn't do fanart and I do almost nothing but we thought we would be in the clear.

But alas it was not to be, since we got a rejection notice over the weekend.

Which wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't covered in BS.  Mary ran point on this so she called me to tell me what she received, which was pretty much a form email pretty much saying "you didn't get in and we're not gonna tell you why.  Better luck next year."


Now before you get all UR JUST BUTTHURT LOL on me, let me try to explain why I'm all pissy.  Getting a table would have been fun for me, but not a must-have.  I had a table two or three years ago and barely did any business.  Anime and Silas don't mix and I'm totally cool with that.  On the other hand, Mary and her friends were really looking forward to doing this and got totally shut out with the coldest of cold shoulders.  And from the looks of things, a lot of other talented artists (many of whom have been accepted to AWA's artists alley in years past) are chirping up saying that they've been given a thumbs down with no explanation as well.

This has caused quite the ruckuss, and I'm sure many of you have already heard about this.  The AWA bigwigs have put out a statement on their forums trying to explain the hullabaloo but reading it just gave me a headache.  I've also heard that there's some "grace period" being given to update online portfolios to better match the fanart ratio...?  Artists are quite irate at that idea and I don't blame them.  If it were me, I wouldn't exactly jump at the chance to overhaul my website just to make Anime Weekend Atlanta happy.

Anyhoo, this whole thing has left a bad taste in my mouth.  I don't really keep up with Anime anymore, but I still went to AWA to hang out with friends and the like.  But I don't think I'll show up this year because of this whole clusterfart.  Besides, I've never been to the Georgia Aquarium.  :3

That's enough blaaaaaargh'ing.   I leave for BotCon on Thursday!  WOOOO FOR ROBITS!!!
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If you're planning to be in Dallas for this year's BotCon, I hope to see you there!  I'll have a table in the Dealer's Room again so drop by for a sketch, a print or just to say "Hi!"  As usually I'll be bringing a brand new print with me this year! (Hint:  Dan Gilvezan is AWESOME). ^_~

If you're a TFW2005er, don't forget about our Friday Night Get Together for drinks and maybe even HELLA TACOS!  I'm also planning to stop by the infamous MegaToyFan parts party with some more surprises!

I'll see all you crazy cats next week!
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Even though I color digitally, all of my lineart is still done with pencil, pen and paper.  This results in a mile-high stack of paper which I purge every couple of years.  And by purge, I mean trash.

But this time around I'm trying something different.  If there's a piece from the last two or three years you'd like to own the original lineart for it's yours for $10 shipped.  Almost anything on should be available, though this Deviantart archive goes back a little bit farther.  Comic pages, giftart and commissions aren't available unless you're the recipient of said giftart or commissions.

To purchase, shoot an email to and I'll let you know if the art you're looking for is available.  Lineart is available on a first-come, first-served basis.  For more information and art that might be available, check out

I'll probably leave this offer up for about a month before I get really tired of this clutter and hold a bonfire.  XD
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Dropping a shameless plug for the latest issue of the TFWe E-Magazine!…

TFWe is a monthly e-zine by some of the crazy cats over at TFW2005.  Along with some badass articles, editorials and photoshoots You'll also find some exclusive art by yours truly (hint hint: me  XD) including comic strips by my buddy Dan and me!

This month's issue focuses on a little movie called Transformers: Dark of the Moon and I pulled double-duty on this one by supplying the cover art and a little tribute to Carly!

So what are you waiting for?  Check out the issue!  You need to brush up on your reading anyways.  ^_~
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Dear Fan Art Peoples,

Drawing anime shit is not an excuse to be lazy or to suck.


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